Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This IS The Place for a Hampstead Reunion

We planned a little Hampstead Ward Reunion a la Utah style while we were out west. We were sooo happy to be with former ward members whom we love and miss so much. Here are the attendees:

Rachel H. with an adorable babe in arms, Dustin (if you need a good patent attorney in SLC, he's your man) and Cheryl C. - our patient and willing hosts, and Rich and Les (neither attorneys nor dentists).

Dr. Brian Holman (if you need a good orthodontist in the South Jordan area, he's your man), Dan Bethers (OH, and if you need a root canal in St. George, yep - he's your man!), and babe in arms and Kirsten.

Dr. Cory Price (yes, if you need a good orthodontist north of SLC, he's your man....) and wife, dear Em with babe #4 appearing in a few months.

AND..... the boys of the above mentioned people. None of them are dentists or lawyers - yet.

We thank the Calls for all their prep and for hosting. I am soooo sad that I didn't get my camera out until the after the Smiths left (That's Dr. Greg Smith, an amazing and capable dentist in the South Jordan/SLC area.... yep! He's your man, too!!). We missed the other families who weren't able to come....oh, and they are pretty much all dentists, too.

How ironic is it that I know about one million dentists now, and my home business offers services to dental offices, and yet, I am still petrified of going to the dentist!?! There's gotta be a great story in there someplace....


  1. Oh, how fun! We miss all those families too!!

  2. I'm so sad we weren't able to come. We're going to be in Utah after Christmas instead... We miss you all!

  3. All these Hampstead alumni and we don't know any of them.

    What a fun idea meeting up in Utah!

  4. It was so great to see you again! That was a fun night, I hope the Call's recovered...I felt really bad about all of the CRAZY boys. I am pretty certain their girls don't act like that:)

  5. Thanks for putting the mini reunion together. It was fun to see everyone. Sorry we had to cut out, especially before the pics. Sadly I had my camera too and never got it out - darn!


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