Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Roll Bounce!?

So have you ever seen the movie, “Roll Bounce”? I LOVE that movie. I know - not my usual type of movies to love but I completely adore it. I even own it – and the soundtrack. I fear I reveal too much about myself here… I shall face that fear and continue. I adore the pack of boys who are obsessed with skating – their relationships with each other are very endearing. I of course love the music – my era I guess. I remember skating as a little girl at the teeny rink in our little Arizona town and aspired to be a skate dancer – haha. Yea didn’t get too far with that. The highlight of the movie is “Sweetness” played by Wesley Jonathan (if you don’t know who he is, watch a rerun on ABC Family of “What I Like About You”. He plays Amanda Bynes buddy, Gary. Very funny). There is even a “skate off” between Bow Wow (seriously, what is it with that name??) and Wesley Jonathan. Besides the retro feel of the movie, it does have a very good “family is important” theme. I wouldn’t watch it with little kiddos – there is a lot of use of the “A” word, and a few other naughty words. Still a fun one to see. Why did I think of it tonight? Great question – well, it was on VH1 tonight and I found it surfing.

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