Thursday, April 9, 2009

a perky perk - "Bay"

While in Utah for Young Women's Conference, SHORT as the trip was, we spent a little time with my niece Bailee (Sorry, Laura - we'll catch you on the flip-flop). Bailee Bailee Bailee - what do I say about her? She is my youngest niece, a few months older than my son. Besides me, she is the only family member who has left Arizona longer than 10 minutes.

Hmm.... no wonder I feel like
I can relate to her.

Her father, my oldest brother Troy, passed away very suddenly about 2 1/2 years ago on Conference Sunday. I need to blog about him one day. I think that now that he is gone, and his children are now adults, I feel the need to attach to them more - have them be a part of my life. Living on the east coast has not made that very easy over the years. I won't get into the psychology of our family, but often those opportunities didn't present themselves more in years past. So, with our frequent trips to Utah to visit Les, we take the chances to snag time with family members who we miss so much.

Bailee is one amazing person - she can sing better than most people on Broadway, and is in BYU's Young Ambassadors. We saw her in Aida a few months ago, which I posted aobut here. She has wonderful aspirations to beautify home interiors, to sing, and to teach. She currently goes out to Les's school and teaches her voice lessons as often as possible. She lights up rooms when she walks in, and has an amazing ability to make everyone she meets, regardless of their "issues", to feel like they are amazing, too.

Bay, when you are rich and famous, please don't forget us little people
who love you.

You can get to know her on her blog at .

Tell her I sent ya.

(Holy cow, Deon, get the stinkin' hair out of your eyes --- it was windy, OK??)

And, Yes, I like the word amazing amazingly a lot.

Somebody get me a thesaurus quick.


  1. Is she married yet? I have a couple of available brothers...

  2. NO I'M not married! Hook it up! Hi, I'm bailee by the way... ha ha.

    Deon--that was the nicest thing ever. You really are the best aunt ever! I have loved having you be a bigger part of my life...

  3. OK its so so fun to read your post about THE BAY BRINK. She IS somethin' else isn't she? Truly an amazing person. Love her!!!! Thanks Deon, love you too!

  4. Leslie is so lovely in these pictures. Also in the YW Conference post. And Bay definitely seems like someone to meet. What a cutie!


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