Monday, April 27, 2009

Song, Dance, Cookie Jars and Sunshine

We recently got back from yes, another trip to Utah, for a Parents Weekend at Leslie's school. It was time for another evening of entertainment by all the girls. They LIVE for these events. These are their moments to SHINE - moments that have perhaps come too seldom before.

Look at these adorable faces!

Leslie got to perform one of her favorite songs from Aida, "Every Story Is A Love Story". She did a beautiful job - complete with back-up dancers!

It was also time for a Mother/Daughter outing to the pottery store. Our assignment was to express ways that we are the same, and ways that we are different. We chose a cookie jar shaped like a cupcake because we love to bake together. We have a running joke between us that she is "random" and I am "symmetrical" in our style of living. That causes a few mother/daughter conflicts as you might imagine. We are both learning to appreciate those differences and let that bring us to common ground. So, I painted the bottom in, yes - you guessed it - a symmetrical way. She painted the top in random colors and style. Come and see it when we get it back from being fired and mailed!!

We also took a Sunday afternoon drive to see the new Draper LDS temple. Very pretty, especially at sunset. Here are my attempts at artsy photography....
I have a lot to learn, but it was fun to try!

Blessings galore.


  1. I LOVED this post! It made me smile and I am very excited to see the cupcake!!

    The temple pictures were very nice. I especially liked the view.

  2. Oh, I miss Les!!!!! She is so beautiful. I love her haircut, too. What a fun and spunky girl. You are such an awesome Mom!!! Also, I love the temple pics!!! They are beautiful. I miss you!



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